Family Storytelling isn't traditional family portraits. It's about who you are, as a family, right in this moment. It's about exploring, loving, and embracing the magic in the mess. Family storytelling is an unposed, authentic documentation that tells a story about the way you love each other. Your adventures, your quirks, and your love -- all documented in a collection of images for your family to treasure long after these little moments have faded away.  You will take me to your favourite spot or into the family home and we're all going to run around and play.  We will feel the breeze in our hair, dip our toes in the water and roll around in the grass. We will create a series of photos that tell a story-- the story of your family in that very moment in time. You will remember the chaos the way your child's nose wrinkles up when he laughs, the way the clouds rolled in and the look of wonder in your child's eyes.  Will it be perfect?  No, absolutely not.  What it will be is REAL and special and beautiful and utterly, YOU.  

Not interested in this avant garde type of session?  Traditional portraits it is.  We can still visit somewhere beautiful or get cosy in your family home but we will utilize my direction and experience to compose images that exhibit closeness, intimacy and silliness too.