My beautiful sister Aria allowed me to photograph her a few months back during a chilly January day.  She also allowed me to dress her in silly clothing and pin feathers in her hair, toss around giant balloons and run to and fro until my many whims were satisfied... (She has no idea how much I appreciate days like this... how having a model frees me in so many ways but especially creatively and how much I've grown to detest myself as a subject in my photography).  So thank you, dear sister.  And congratulations are in order because this pretty lady is also very talented and has just become an official yogi at Core Power Yoga in Santa Barbara.  You can find her on their schedule here.  Those of you lucky enough to live down in the area should definitely check out one of her classes.  She is an excellent instructor!  <3

Conceptual portrait by Ripe Photography in Oregon countryside.
Conceptual portrait by Ripe Photography in Portland, Oregon.
Conceptual portrait by Ripe Photography outside Portland, Oregon.