As a west coast girl, I find that a laid back, easy-going, natural style permeates all of my photography.  I love to laugh and smile. I'm a wife, mother, fuzzy dog owner, globe-trotter and an honest-to-goodness lover of soft light, vast open spaces, moody clouds and new experiences. In portraiture, I strive for real expressions and an honest closeness between my clients. In my conceptual work, I strive for the ethereal or other-worldly... outside the sensible brain and inside the imagination. And finally for weddings, I capture real moments while also remembering that composition is everything. Join me for a photographic experience. I love the challenges of exciting locations and moody weather.  Take me to your favorite places, your homes, your life... we will capture memories together. I am currently working in the UK (yes, I do sound like a Yank but I promise you Brits, I'm here for ya) and the West Coast, USA (big ups to my PNW peeps!) but am definitely happy to travel further abroad.

I am also a professional photo retoucher with clients spanning the globe. Please contact me with your photo problems and for pricing and timelines. I welcome both commercial and individual clientele.

Please contact me for any of your portrait, wedding, engagement, birth, conceptual portrait or retouching needs from here to beyond in the wider world.

Visit me at Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and on the Portland Creative List.